Beauty Tips// Trend-Watch with Celeb Hair Stylist James Corbett

Celeb stylist James Corbett dishes on the hot new summer hair trends
with Paltalk’s Diana Falzone to discuss what’s hot in hair trends for summer 2011
hairstyles while answering user questions and tips about best products,
style tips, celebrity icons and even a little bantering about the
“Weiner” scandal.

Highlights of the interview included:

ADVICE: To avoid knots in your hair after washing: shampoo the roots of
your hair while massaging your scalp, shampoo will run through the rest
of your hair, preventing tangling and over-drying your hair. When
brushing your hair, work from the bottom, up. It’s also easier if you
brush the hair in sections.

THEME FOR SUMMER 2011 HAIR: A bob can be sexy and stylish but sometimes
it does require slightly more maintenance. Consider accessorizing with
bigger earrings and makeup. Long hair with a center part is also in; the
styles are usually less styled and worn more casually.

PRODUCT TIP: Tangle Teezer is a great product that detangles hair while gliding through without damaging the hair shafts.

HOT HAIR TREND: Wearing feathers in your hair is in. You can have them
attached to your hair or for a more temporary solution, clip them in.
They come in a variety of colors and lengths.

BRIDAL TIP: Braids are beautiful and extremely versatile as they can be
all sizes and be interwoven with pearls.


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