Attn: I am looking for Bloggers and socialistas to host virtual trunk shows for their readers/followers – to help raise awareness about vital women issues! Hey loves. It’s your fellow blogger here, and I am reaching out for your help! Since the launch of the new c + i Moroccan Summer collection, the Goddess Chic team as been busy revamping our approach to social shopping, travel and gathering. In a couple of days, expect a lot of chic. From Virtual Style School to shopping chic […]

Elite Socialistas is about to take “social style” to the next level! For the next 4 weeks, we will be attending Virtual Style School with the fabulously chic  style maven, Marion Gellatly. Gellatly will help me to better connect to my inner stylist. No longer will I dread the boredom of my closet. But beyond that, I will learn how to coordinate and appreciate, design and accessorize the women I desire to see in the mirror. Imagine, having access to you very own personal stylist, […]

To say that I get bored easily, is an understatement! My mind is always working to deliver the best creative idea, to out do the previous (which are usually moments apart). I guess that’s why I thrive at the random spices of variety – which is my life. At any given moment, I could be in a meeting with top brands, discussing the best value that I need to give to you loves – travel, fashion, shopping, beauty; getting to the bottom of “the best […]

At only thirty years old, Lupita Nyong’o has attained degrees from Hampshire College and Yale School of Drama, and careers as an actress and film director. Her first job upon graduation, “12 Years a Slave,” brought her to the spotlight of Hollywood. Nyong’o’s accomplishments have made her an image of hope for black women. Young women can learn a lot from the way this rising star carries herself, despite being beautiful, intellectual, intelligent and talented, Nyong’o remains humble. Last year, Lupita Nyong’o played the role […]

Hello loves. So, right now I am wondering, how many of you shop the chic and highly coveted shoe shopping club – ShoeDazzle? Me personal, I am VIP obsessed! Imagine how obsessed you have to be, to have a shoe named after you!!! Anyways, Gwen Stephanie – yes, the singer/songwriter/fashion diva – has launched a collection exclusively at Shoedazzle, called gx by Gwen Stefani. This dedicated boutique is set to feature new styles every month – launching both handbags and shoes *squeee* priced from $69.95 […]

Week 3 This week, I got better acquainted with my body. I learned what factors influence which styles better suit my body. These factors include my horizontal/vertical body type, bone structure, scale, height, weight, neck length, age, bust, problem areas and more. I learned that line, shape, color, texture and pattern – are my five elements of design! Using the five elements of design, unleash your style and beauty potential, adding another important piece to your Style discovery puzzle. – Marion Gellatly I have long […]

Week 1 The first week of Virtual Style School, and already I can see the transformation! It’s a habit of mine…and it happens to compliment my approach to living my life with style. My journey to discovering “me,” has been a very interesting one. My approach to the “everyday/norm” is different. I am no longer guessing about what works, nor am I fantasizing about what I desire! Instead, I am diving right in, getting to work on manifesting reality in everything I know I want! […]

Hello loves. Today, I want to discuss how to host a successful Goddess Gatherings – where we get chic and social to shop for a cause to raise awareness and funds for invaluable women issues. Ever dreamt about having a career in fashion? Do you have an obsession with beautiful things? Do you jump at the opportunity to lavish in all things travel? YES to every single one, for me. Many of you might fit under one, two, none – as no two people are […]

I have no regrets leaving corporate America – to venture on a path of self-love, independence and sufficiency! I got tired of people using me, to satisfy their own selfish need. I gave up taking orders from people who I knew without a doubt – held no flame to my abilities. No longer was I going to be subjected to a set amount of committed time, doing the same ole’ dead activities daily, being surround by an equally dead staff! Corporate America held no zest! […]

Today is the official launch of Goddess Chic. As a special thank you for being amazing – Elite Socialistas & Mind Body Soul’U’tions are sponsoring our very first giveaway for 2014! And what better time than the Spring? Mother’s Day is right around the corner…and trust me when I say that this chic piece of gem, would please even the pickiest of mother’s! To honor our newest partner to the Goddess Chic circle – cate and chloe high end jewelry. We will be launching the […]

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